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Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines- A Work in Progress - Update

We previously posted regarding the Domestic Relations Committee review of the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines.  Following that post, we received feedback. Most of the feedback was regarding the hopeful revision of provisions regarding parenting time when distance is a factor, holiday parenting and the overall desire for a presumption for more parenting for the "non-custodial"/secondary parent.

In the Committee's August minutes it provided the following update of the status of the drafting revisions it has on its plate:

(1) Holiday schedule      Schurger/Lynch Completed
(2) Weekends generally/three weekends   Schurger/Lynch Completed
(3) Summer vacation     Lynch/Fee  Completed
(4) Relocation      Bobay   Completed
(5) PTG helps plan ahead/use of calendar/tone of  Fee/Hill  Completed
(6) Scheduled Parenting Time To Occur as Planned Love/Fee  October 22, 2010
(7)  Enforcement of Parenting Time/Enforcement  Love/Fee  October 22, 2010
on a Timely Basis/Contempt/Resolution of Problems
(8) Presume More Time for Noncustodial Parent  Raduenz/Young/Fee Nov. 18-19, 2010
(NCP)/Protection of NCP rights/Overnights/
Overnights for Infants  
(9) Equal Parenting Time     Raduenz/Young Nov. 18-19, 2010  
(10) Distance, Out-of-state Parenting Time  Bobay/Hill  Nov. 18-19, 2010
(11) Transportation issues in state    Bobay/Hill  Nov. 18-19, 2010
(12) Family Violence/Child Abuse    Bobay/Hill  January 21, 2011
(13) One parents speaks negative of other/Alienation Shook/Stalbrink January 21, 2011
(14) Communication generally/communication about Shook/Stalbrink January 21, 2011
education/Medical/virtual parenting time
(15) PTG for special needs child(ren)   Fee/Hill  Feb. 18, 2011
(16) Opportunity for Additional Parenting Time  Murray/Love  Feb. 18, 2011
(17) Make up time      Bobay   March 18, 2011

It looks like there are some revisions completed and the schedule to have all revisions completed extends through March 2011.  I believe the process is that the Committee puts together the revisions and then submits them to the Indiana Supreme Court for approval and order.

We will continue to follow this and will try to provide information regarding the specific revisions being considered.

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